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Upcoming Hikes with Healthy Sacopee (Snowshoe) Hikers

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

The Healthy Sacopee (Snowshoe) Hikers is pleased to welcome into their ranks Donna Hempel, Physician Assistant at the Sacopee Valley Health Center. Donna is an accomplished hiker, having negotiated all of New England's top peaks, and veteran snowshoe guide, having led weekend groups at Purity Springs in East Madison, NH for a number of years.

They have scheduled with Donna four outings over the next few winter months:

  • Saturday, December 14, 2019, Jagolinzer Preserve (Limington)

  • Saturday, January 18, 2020, Audobon Trail at Purity Springs (East Madison, NH)

  • Saturday, February 1, 2020, Foss Mountain (Eaton, NH)

  • Saturday, February 29, 2020, Bald Ledge at Purity Springs (East Madison, NH)

Here's what you'll need to bring:
  • snowshoes

  • poles with baskets

  • winter boots

  • extra hat and gloves/mittens

  • water bottle

  • snack

  • hand warmers (optional)

Meet in the Sacopee Valley Health Center parking lot at 9:00 a.m. to carpool.

Please call Peter Zack, (207) 625-3695, with any questions.


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