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To Our Friends: An Open Letter About COVID-19 from the Grateful Undead

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Please do your part to help safely reopen our Sacopee Valley towns.

This is the season to be together and enjoy the wonderful play and recreation that our area offers and that we all need now. But as we enter this special summer season greatly wanting to have things back to normal, we want to make a very important plea to all based on the following information on COVID-19:

  1. People older than 50 are at a much higher risk of complications from COVID-19 and are at a particularly high risk of dying from the virus.

  2. Infections can be transmitted by folks who show no symptoms but who are carrying the infection.

  3. The virus is now active in the Sacopee Valley area, with a number of residents infected.

For these reasons, we ask that you follow the guidelines below for the well-being of ALL of us:

  1. Show you care about others: WEAR A FACE COVERING at all times you are out in public.

  2. Show respect for the community: Follow the guidelines of local businesses by wearing your mask and keeping 6 feet from others at all times.

  3. If you are here on vacation or for the season, help to keep our community safe: Maine CDC guidelines currently ask for visitors to either have a negative COVID-19 test or observe a 14-day quarantine. (Visitors from New Hampshire and Vermont are exempt.)

  4. Don't forget your own routine health care: We know that certain chronic health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and COPD put us at greater risk from the COVID-19 virus. Keep regular medical appointments as needed.

  5. Check the Maine CDC website for the latest information about active cases in our area.

We appreciate how hard it is to follow these guidelines, but we also know that COVID-19 is highly infectious and potentially deadly, and we want everyone in our community to stay well.

Thank you

The Grateful Undead supports aging in place by promoting knowledge and organizing services and activities that enable residents of the Sacopee Valley and surrounding towns in southwestern Maine to continue to live in our own homes and community safely, independently, and comfortably as we age.


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