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Spring Bin-To-Bale Recycling Course 6/24/19

From Bin to Bale: Simple steps to recycling right.

Ever wonder how much you need to rinse your cans or jars before placing them in your recycling bin? And how about those bottle caps, do they need to come off or is it better to keep them on? And what does this have to do with my taxes?

Join Ecomaine Environmental educator Vanessa Berry as she guides you through a virtual tour of Ecomaine's single-sort recycling facility. Vanessa will explain step-by-step how recyclables are sorted and why recycling correctly can make such a difference in lowering both trash output and costs.

Ecomaine is your local community-owned nonprofit waste management company providing comprehensive, long-term solid waste solutions in a safe, environmentally responsible, economically sound manner and raising public awareness of sustainable waste management strategies.

The Spring Bin To Bale Recycling Course will be held on Monday, June 24, from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. at Bonney Memorial Library in Cornish, the cost is $4 per person.

Please preregister as a minimum of 4 people are needed to run the course.


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