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Big changes for the Cornish Association of Businesses

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

CAB seeking a new leader as the organizations President relocates.

The business group has been working on new ways to support local businesses as well as expand upon the existing community efforts. For over 8 years collectively, the group has been led by Scott Rowley of Scott Design, LLC as elected President (there were a couple of years intermittently where the group was led by another President/s). Scott could been seen all over town setting up staging for CAB events (and cleaning up after), moving picnic tables and trash cans, trimming overgrown bushes in Thompson Park, blowing the sand off of the road for volunteers to paint the crosswalks... or behind his computer updating the CAB website, calendar, and business listings, working on the Cornish brochure, and of course, leading CAB meetings every month. Pictured below are Scott Rowley of Scott Design, LLC and Shannon Surette of Full Circle Artisan Gallery at the CAB booth durning a previous Strawberry Festival.

Now, as many have heard, Scott and his wife Patty moved on to a new adventure in Bucksport, ME. The couple moved north in order to be closer to their family (they welcomed their first grand baby this year) and they say the new community has welcomed them with open arms, but they will miss the Cornish area. His businesses and Patty's shop, Bolt Fabrics have also relocated with them. Patty with granddaughter Josie at the 2018 Apple Festival.

"I’ve enjoyed being CAB president for the past 8 years, I’m not going to sugarcoat this role, it did take coordination, patience, time, and a calm outlook. I could not have done it without the loyal support from the officers, the board, and a patient and understanding wife throughout those years! After about 6 months into it, I became aware that it was more than running meetings, coordinating events and volunteers. I realized that there are businesses that look to CAB’s officers and board members to come up with ways to prove to the tourists/visitors that the Cornish area is a place worth visiting. This realization inspired me to listen more to business owners' and residents' ideas to not only market the businesses in the area but also keep the current, and any new family friendly community events alive. It was very rewarding to see the visitor numbers increase and the businesses start to thrive! " - Scott Rowley, former CAB President

CAB (Cornish Association of Businesses) has been in existence since 1989 when a group of local business owners got together and formed the (501-c) non-profit group. The goal was to create a network of support for local businesses as well as the community.

As a way to bring more shoppers to local businesses, the group started the popular Cornish Apple and Strawberry Festivals, as well as Christmas in Cornish. Their volunteers paint the crosswalks, and CAB even provides the maintenance and upkeep of the public restrooms behind Thompson Park. CAB volunteers (see photo below) continue to organize the events, and also provide the manpower to make them happen. A scholarship funded by CAB is provided to one area high-school student each year and the organization makes donations to other local organizations such as Sacopee Rescue.

Now, with a new year fast approaching, CAB is seeking a new President as well as community input for the group. As many members will say, it is an understatement that they will be missed. Currently, Patrick Harrigan of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate has moved from his role as Vice-President to acting President with the support of the Board of Directors.

"Scott and Patty Rowley have left the house! As guiding members of CAB, Scott and Patty moved "up north" to be closer to family and we wish  them all the very best of success and happiness. Their enthusiasm, ideas, and hard work with CAB set a wonderful example for all members to follow. Scott and Patty injected their love for the Sacopee Valley into all that they touched, and we as a board and members need to use their example of "pitching in" as CAB moves forward. Until we meet again - PLEASE come back for one of the many events you helped develop as CAB members!" - Patrick Harrigan, Acting CAB President

Dr. John A. DuBois, of Sacopee Valley Eye Care, is the Chairman of the Board and points out how much of a driving force the couple was behind the efforts of the organization, as well as the most popular Cornish Apple Festival.

"Scott Rowley and Patty Rowley were integral to CAB. Scott served for many years as President of CAB and expanded the mission of CAB to make Cornish one of the most business friendly towns in the area. He implemented some new systems, and as marketing coordinator developed our website to make it a "go to" resource for finding out more about the town and the businesses in the area. Patty for many years helped in organizing the Cornish Apple Festival, taking on the challenging task of finding vendors and strategically finding their places in Thompson Park. She also served on the Board of Directors and held the position of secretary.  Without question they were one the biggest volunteers in the organization and we have some very big shoes to fill now that they are moving on to a new phase in their lives. But CAB will go on as we are composed of some very great members. The town of Cornish and the surrounding areas can continue to look forward to good things coming from CAB. We welcome any new are businesses and we are always happy to have even non-business volunteers helping out for the various events that we put on each year." - John A. DuBois, CAB Board of Directors Chair

If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming more involved, please contact a CAB member, or feel free to attend a meeting. They are held at 6:00PM on the second Tuesday of each month at the Cornish United Church of Christ (the UCC has graciously allowed CAB to use their facility as a meeting location for a number of years).

CAB meetings are open to the public and they welcome new members.

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