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Apple pie contest winners announced

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

The 2018 Apple Festival's Apple Pie Contest & Auction boasts the highest auction price for an individual pie yet!

Each year CAB organized events raise money for local organizations such as the food pantry, Sacopee Rescue, and others. During the Apple Festival, the Apple Pie Contest and Auction is one of the ways CAB volunteers raise funds.

This year the contest and auction was chaired by Theressa Harrigan of Porter, who was excited to take on the event which had previously been chaired by Lori Carr of Your Weekly Shopping Guide. Lori also chairs the entertainment committee for the Apple Festival and has brought music, magic, bear building, and more to the festival.

Part of Theressa's job included gathering prize donations from local businesses which included Krista's, Apple Acres, Bay Haven, Call's Stop & Shop, and Patrick Harrigan, realtor with Better Homes and Gardens.

Contestants dropped off their homemade apple pies all morning on the front porch of the Inn at Cornish, where the contest and auction took place. After the judges tallied up their results and the winners were announced, it was time for the auctioneer, Rich Ruhlin to start the auction.

This year the 1st place pie auctioned off for a whopping $95, which, according to CAB may actually be the highest amount for an individual pie recorded for this contest.

Photo on right shows a previous years Apple Pie auction, photo courtesy of CAB.

Here's a recap:

  • Entries: 14 apple pies submitted 

  • 3 Judges:  Sylvia Pease, John Lyle, Melissa Gillette 

  • Auctioneer: Rich Ruhlin 

  • Volunteers: Theressa Harrigan, Lori Rowland, Rich Ruhlin and Rick Rowland


  • $60 gift certificate Krista's

  • $50 gift basket value Apple Acres

  • $40 Bay Haven Gift Certificate 

  • $20 Call's Stop & Shop

  • $10 Dunkin Donuts' gift certificate given by Patrick Harrigan, realtor with Better Homes and Gardens

Prize Winners:

  • 1st Place - Linda James from Standish  (auctioned off for $95)

  • 2nd Place - Karen James of Hiram

  • 3rd Place - Robert Lister of Limington

  • 4th Place - CeCe McKeever of Buxton 

  • 5th Place - Katey McKeever of Buxton

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and Apple Festival. See you next year!

By Cristina Forsyth


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