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4/12/19 GMCG - Restoring Brook Trout in NH

Green Mountain Conservation Group (GMCG) invites the public to come learn about the restoration of brook trout species in NH from volunteer Fish & Game Steward, Don Allen. This presentation will take place Friday, April 12, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Effingham Public Library located at 30 Townhouse Rd, Effingham.

Brook trout are a species of concern in NH; some schools have been working with GMCG and NH Fish & Game to raise them in the classroom. Learn more at a free program on April 12 at the Effingham Library. Photo credits: Colby Denison

The brook trout, New Hampshire’s only native stream-dwelling trout, is a species of special concern, which, according to NH Fish & Game, means brook trout are “near threatened: could become threatened in the foreseeable future if action is not taken”, or, “were recently removed from the state endangered and threatened species list (i.e. recovered)” and conservation action is desired to ensure the species continues towards full recovery. Brook trout are indicators of water quality in our state’s lakes, rivers, and streams because they are sensitive to habitat disturbance, and their presence and healthy population levels in water bodies are generally considered the ‘indicators’ of good water quality. Don will discuss the collaborative efforts spanning from Maine to Georgia, working toward restoring and protecting the brook trout population and their habitat. The presentation will also share the story of New Hampshire’s brook trout from historical times to the present.

This year, GMCG is assisting four local schools in a nation-wide program known as Trout in the Classroom (TIC). TIC allows students across the country to raise trout from eggs to fry before releasing into a local waterbody. GMCG collaborates with NH Fish & Game and local schools to teach students of the Saco River Watershed about the biology and ecology of the Eastern Brook Trout they are raising in their classrooms, along with the importance of good water quality and healthy ecosystems that they require.

The public is invited to learn more at this upcoming free presentation, and GMCG staff will be on-hand to share more about the TIC program for any teachers who are interested in participating next year. This event is co-sponsored by the Effingham Conservation Commission; UNH Cooperative Extension/Taking Action for Wildlife; Effingham Public Library; Effingham Preservation Society; Effingham Historical Society; and GMCG.


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