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3/20 "Worm Farming" With Jock Robie

Know what's in your garden, and make it yourself!

Sunday, March 20, 2022, beginning at 12:00 p.m., come to Porter Grange #569, 17 First (Old) County Road in Porter, and see a demonstration of 100% organic "Worm Farming" in bins by Maine's own Jock Robie.


Analysis of earthworm castings reveals that they have an NPK rating: 5.5.3. They are much richer in nutrients than bulk compost.

Extensive University testing has shown improved flower size, bloom quantity, quality, and color. Fruit and vegetable tests have resulted in yield improvements from 57% to over 200% as well as improvement in taste and appearance.

A tea can be made from the castings resulting in a 100% organic spray that improves nutrient absorption that does not burn your plants. It can be sprayed directly onto plants for immediate absorption or applied once a month while watering (4 ounces tea to a gallon of water).

Putting Worm Castings to Use

  • Potting mixes/seed flats: Mix 1 part worm castings to 3 parts potting mix.

  • Flower beds, shrubs, roses, vegetables: Top dress with 1"-3" of worm castings and incorporate into the soil with a fork or spade.

  • House plants: Spread 1/2"-1" of castings around established plants and scratch into the soil every 2-3 months.

  • New lawns: Apply 10 pounds to 100 square feet. Work lightly into the topsoil.

  • Established lawns and greens: Top dress 4 pounds to 100 square feet.

  • Perennials: Top dress 1"-3" in spring, early summer, and fall.

  • All plants and vegetables: Apply every 30 days.

  • New plants in pots: Mix 10% worm castings with any potting soil, then add % later on top before planting.

  • Plants already in pots: Scratch the top of the soil. Add 1/2" layer of worm castings on top and water thoroughly.

  • Worm tea: Soak 1 part worm castings in 3 parts water for 24 hours or more, mixing several times. Apply one 8 ounce cup of tea per plant every 30 days or add 4 ounces of tea to 1 gallon of water for use as a foliar spray. Apply every 30-60 days.

For a preview of the demonstration, visit


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