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Stories are powerful. Especially truth.

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

“It is more important to be known.” Francesca in the Bridges of Madison County

My mother’s upcoming 80th birthday is in early September. A surprise party is planned, so nostalgia reigns. I’ve been thinking about the stories that we will tell at her birthday party. I’ve been thinking that those stories are very different depending on who is telling it. Perspective is everything. I’ve also been thinking about the stories that we tell ourselves. Our life is one story after another. Stories define us.

I do couples counseling and when one person is struggling to see the full value of the other, I ask them to tell me about something in the form of a story. If I want them to see the value that the other brings to the relationship as a parent, I ask them to do more than say to the other “she’s a good mother.” Instead, I want to