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Sampson Announces Re-Election Bid

Representative Heidi Sampson (R-Alfred) has announced her intentions to seek a third term in the Maine House. Sampson is the top House Republican on the Education and Cultural Affairs committee. She tirelessly advocates for expanding educational opportunities for Maine students and their families.

“With all the money we are putting into our schools today, we need to do a much better job getting it into the classroom,” Sampson said. “We must improve career and technical education opportunities for not just high school students but offer exposure to the various trades at the middle school level as well. Students need to understand all the options available to them from the trades to college. We must get back to the basics and increasingly direct our funds into the classroom.”

Sampson has been a strong voice opposing what she sees as untested and unproven state educational mandates. “Maine should not be the guinea pig for the latest education experiments,” she said. “Since 2010, the many education mandates have done nothing to improve student outcomes. However, they have everything to do with the senseless increase in the cost of education.” With support of most of the legislature, Sampson led the effort to repeal the 2012 Proficiency-Based Diploma law.

“The controversial grading system, which lacked transparency for parents, angered both parents and teachers. We received overwhelming evidence this was a bad idea,” she said. “Furthermore, it doesn’t help students when we add layers of complexity to a system. It only creates confusion and costs more money.”

Prior to joining the Legislature four years ago, Sampson served on the State Board of Education where she chaired the Career and Technical Ed Committee. She’s also a tireless proponent of parent’s rights. “Parents need to be involved with their children’s education and schools need to embrace and encourage their involvement.”

Sampson, who operates a farm when she is not in the Legislature, believes education is the foundation of Maine’s long-term economic growth. “I’ve hired hundreds of young people over the years,” she said. “Opportunities to develop a strong work ethic is critical and it starts when they are young. We must expand opportunities, so our youngsters have a firm footing to be successful in life. They are the future of this state.”

Sampson has represented Alfred, Newfield, and parts of Limerick, Parsonsfield, and Shapleigh since joining the Legislature in 2016. She and her husband Bob have three children and several grandchildren.

For more information, or to get involved with Sampson’s campaign, please contact her at (207) 590-1909 or by email at


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