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Sacopee Valley's newest Eagle Scout

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Meet Sam Anderson, BSA Troop 375’s newest Eagle Scout. Sam lives in Hiram with his mother, sister, and their many goats. Like most scouts, Sam started his scouting career while still in first grade as a Tiger Cub. Sam joined scouts because he thought it would be fun. He had no idea while in elementary school that scouting would be such a big part of his life.

Courtesy Photo

When Sam was asked what his favorite Boy Scout memory was he first replied, “Camping, and earning my archery merit badge at Camp Hinds.” After thinking for a moment he added, “I don’t know, that’s a tough question now that I think about it, we really have done a lot.”

After working his way through the ranks, learning and growing as he went, Sam completed his final project for the Greenleaf Masonic Hall. On November 7th Sam became one of less than 7% of scouts nationally who advance to the rank of Eagle.

To become an Eagle, scouts have to earn a minimum of 21 merit badges, complete 18 hours of community service and complete a final project. An Eagle project is a service-based project that the scout must plan, organize, fundraise, and demonstrate leadership skills. Sam’s Eagle Scout project can be seen standing proudly in front of the Greenleaf Masonic Hall in Cornish.

Sam’s project meant spending the summer before his senior year doing fun-raising, researching sign businesses, getting price quotes for the sign, and working with the Masonic Lodge to create just the right sign. He also needed to recruit help from the community to bring all aspects of the job together.

On November 11th Sam enlisted with the United States Marines. Obtaining the rank of Eagle means Sam will be an E-2 (Private First Class) rather than an E-1 (Private) like his non-Eagle peers. Being an E-2 means Sam will be paid higher than if he had not earned his Eagle rank.

Congratulations Sam Anderson!

Submitted by Kim Hubbard


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