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Porter Request for Bids - Paving

The Town of Porter is seeking bids for road reconstruction work on Old Meetinghouse Road and two sections of Spec Pond Road as described in the bid package for Paving. Each section will have a separate bid, Old Meetinghouse Road, Spec Pond Road East, and Spec Pond Road West.

The Town of Porter will accept sealed bids for improvements until 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at the Porter Town Hall located at 71 Main Street, Porter, ME 04068. The project includes providing all materials, labor, and equipment to complete the paving work on the three sections of road per the plans.

A bid package may be obtained digitally on the Porter website, home page.

Summary of work:

  • Reclaim, grade, and compact per plan

  • Fine grade per plan

  • Pave with 19mm DOT mix

  • Backup pavement with 2 LF gravel shoulder width

The contractor must be able to provide proof of liability insurance, EIN number or social security number, and a copy of certificate or workers compensation if you have employees working with you or a predetermination certificate from the State. This must be done before any work can begin if you are awarded the contract.

All bids must be received in sealed envelopes marked "Paving."

All bids will be opened at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

Bid responses must be received no later than the bid due date and time (local time) specified above. Late bids will not be considered.

The Town of Porter reserves the right to accept or reject and and/or all bids that are not in the best interest of the residents of Porter as determined by the Selectboard.


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