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No more late registration for SVRC team sports

Sacopee Valley Rec Council unanimously decided that beginning July 1, 2019 all team sports (soccer, field hockey, cheering, basketball, baseball/softball) will have a firm registration deadline date that will be set by SVRC. All of these team sports will continue to have a registration night and be advertised in the Shopping Guide, on the Facebook page, and the website, but no child will be allowed to register after the advertised registration deadline. There will no longer be a late fee or late registrations accepted after the deadline date.

Knowing the number of athletes while separating teams and assigning coaches makes for a far more fair playing field for each and every athlete. Please know we have decided this is what is best for all of the athletes and families involved with these sports.

We will continue to offer financial assistance to those who need it, please message us via our website for assistance:


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