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New dumpster for Sokokis Rd. residents in Parsonsfield

Starting the week of August 5, 2019, Mellen & Sons will place a dumpster at the Box Shop for the use of Sokokis Road residents only. Dumping at the end of Sokokis Road is prohibited and violators may be prosecuted.

Mellen & Sons will also place a dumpster at the intersection of Road Between the Ponds/Broken Yoke Farm Road for Lloyd Watson Road, Brock Lane, Broken Yoke Road, Evergreen Drive, and Sunset Cove Road for camp road residents. The Dumper will be removed after the October 18, 2019 pickup.

Please note: Recycling will remain to be picked up as usual. Please do not place in dumpster/nor nearby. The dumpsters are for household waste only. Cameras will be placed for observation at each site and violators will be fined for leaving unacceptable items. The placing of unacceptable items in/near the dumpsters is also prohibited and may cause the dumpsters to be removed. If you have any questions please call Mellen’s at 207-625-7591 or the Town Office 207-625-4558.


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