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Letter to the Editor: Rick Bennett

To the editor;

While I am no longer in the Oxford Hills, my heart and spirit always will be! My good friend Rick Bennett is running for the Maine state senate in district 19! He served in this capacity from 1996 to 2004! He was president of the Maine Senate in 2001 and 2002. I have known Rick for 30 years! He is experienced, sincere, approachable, energetic, engaging, and most of all a great listener! He is a fantastic father, husband, and citizen! I am a staunch Democrat but sometimes you have to cross party lines. I just ask that you take a looking at Rick. Look at his record and look what he’s done for the district! His experience is catamount and he will represent the district well. I hope you’re all safe and happy during these trying times!

Sincerely, David Ivey


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