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Last open mic night of the season in Hiram

Do you have a special talent or musical ability? Are you good at telling jokes? Have you been toying with the idea of performing in front of a crowd? This Saturday, 11/10/18 is your chance to strut your stuff before we all hibernate for the winter (like most Mainers out this way do).

The 2018 Hiram Open Mic series has been a blast for participants and attendees alike.

Open Mic Night started in 2015 when musicians David Wallace-Lawrence and his wife Katherine Rhoda, had the desire to be engaged with their community. They proposed the idea to the Hiram Community Club, which runs the then-newly reopened Hiram Community Center. The Center had been in the hands of the local VFW, which had dwindled and ceased operations.

The first three seasons were monthly July through November. This year, the Club decided on 2nd Saturdays June through November.

2019 Hiram Open Mic Season with continue with the 2nd Saturdays June through November.

The last Open Mic Night of 2018 will be on Saturday, November 10, at 7:00 PM.

As news starts to spread about the evening, locals and visitors, including award-winning country singer-songwriter Tom Ghent, who lives down south, make their way to the Community Center to share their talents and enjoy the acts.

“We've had lots of great acts of all ages, featuring poetry, dance, song, and instrumental music, with guitar, piano, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, Native American flute, autoharp, hammered dulcimer, and more. One standout was when, right after David had sung "All Through the Night" in Welsh, an elderly gentleman who lives in Hiram but was born in Wales immediately came straight forward, supported on two canes, and shared another Welsh song.” - Katherine Rhoda

Like many of the areas events, the evening is run by dedicated volunteers. Priscilla Howard who runs the snack bar at open mic; David Wallace-Lawrence who runs the sound system; and Katherine Rhoda, who serves as emcee. Thanks group also gives a shoutout to Amy Irish who has filled in as emcee and to Dan Hester who has helped with sound.

So, come on out to Open Mic Night, Sacopee Valley. Enjoy and participate in an evening of entertainment!


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