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Helping Homelessness - Your Community Needs YOU! 10/25 @2PM

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

On Friday, October 25th, 2019, at 2:00 p.m., there will be a Homelessness-Helping Meeting

at the Cornish Town Hall.

Your Community Needs YOU!

The meeting will start with introductions and sharing experiences with homelessness in the community, including Cornish, Hiram, Limerick, Parsonsfield, Limington, Newfield, Baldwin, Sacopee Valley, etc.

The Situation: Couch surfing and homelessness.

Possible Causes.

  • When bad things happen to good people: Examples: Job loss to injury, illness, spouse leaves, house fire, lay-offs.

  • Intellectual Difficulties: Examples: Able to do the job (concrete skill). Unable to do search and applications (abstract skill).

  • Substance Addiction: Good, wonderful people get into bad habits and can’t easily get out. Example: Situational depression (escape). Addiction predisposition (stuck).

  • Other.

Possible Solutions.

  • Offer a spare room for a student or student and parent(s).

  • Volunteer for job search & applying.

  • Volunteer for DHHS application.

  • Volunteer for rides to either of the above.

  • Substance & addiction counseling & rehab.

  • Other.


  • Realtor to help locate a possible potential property.

  • Someone might donate their vacant home or building.

  • Include volunteers from above.

  • Volunteers to Staff.

Why help?

  • There are some smart, talented, great-potential students that could become amazing with positive influences.

  • There are hurting families that could become healed and healthy people who then go on to help make more healthy people and families, with help from positive influences.

How do we get more people involved?

  • Awareness of the problem.

  • Awareness of ways they can help.

How do we get more people aware?

  • Word-of-mouth.

  • School newsletters.

  • Church bulletins.

  • News outlet.

  • Other.

Are there folks willing to volunteer their experience and skills with writing grants, finding funding, facility coordinating, career and assistance guidance, etc?

With funding and grants, a shelter coordinator and some staff could be paid positions.

For more information, please contact Linda Clow at (603) 734-4044 or


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