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Drive-by parade for Howard Forsythe's 100 Birthday a success

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

The parade to salute Howard Forsythe on reaching 100 years of age was a rousing success. It was a surprise to Howie and he was thrilled. The parade was led by Hiram fire trucks and Maine State troopers, and dozens of cars and trucks also passed by wishing him a Happy Birthday. He was so appreciative, expressing thanks to the good people of Hiram, and praising the efforts to make this celebration a happy one.  Howard received the Boston Post Cane when he was 95. Since then he has weathered his wife Helen's (Dee) death and loss of eyesight to macular degeneration, but remains upbeat and positive, which is why so many people love him and refer to him as "Uncle Howie." A big thank you to Donna and Darryl Ward for organizing this event and everyone who participated. It was a special gift...and It was more fun than a July 4 parade (especially this year)! Donna videoed the parade, with all the names and noise that the attached photos cannot capture, and we are hoping to add it to the new Hiram Historical Society website. Check out the website at

Sally Williams


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