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Annual PB&J Drive at Bangor Savings During the Month of September

During the month of September, customers, clients, local businesses, communities, and employees are invited to join Bangor Savings Bank in helping to relieve food insecurity by bringing a jar of peanut butter or jelly to any Bangor Savings Bank branch. Donations will be distributed to food insecurity programs in our communities, they plan to deliver what is collected at the Cornish location to End 68h of Hunger right here in the Sacopee Valley community.

Since the PB&J Drive began in 2012, generous customers, clients, local businesses, and employees have donated over 83,000 jars of peanut butter and jelly to food insecurity programs throughout our communities. That’s over 83,000 families impacted by BSB and the PB&J Drive!

For each donation received, BSB will match and donate one additional jar of peanut butter or jelly to local food insecurity programs!!! That is AMAZING!

Source: Bangor Savings Bank


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