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A Letter From Sugar-N-Spice Bakery

Dear Sugar-N-Spice Bakery Customers,

We have some great news! We are pleased to announce that Sugar-N-Spice Bakery will be re-opening soon under new ownership!

Ciaran Hatch, along with her family, will be continuing the bakery. Ciaran runs a custom cake business, Ciaran's Cakes, out of her home and is excited to start making treats for you all.

We are so please that someone who loves baking just as much as we do is going to continue to serve our amazing community delicious baked goods.

The bakery will only be closed for a brief time while Ciaran gets settled in! Check our Facebook page for updates, progress, and her grand re-opening day!

Thank you for supporting us and following along on our amazing journey and we hope to see it continue for many years to come!

Marjorie and Richard

Sugar-N-Spice Bakery

28 Federal Road, Parsonsfield

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