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3/21 Free Virtual Equinox Star Party! from Dark Sky Maine

This Sunday, March 21, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. you are invited for a virtual Equinox Star Party and Night Exploration to celebrate the coming of spring at night here in Maine. This free online experience is brought to you courtesy of Dark Sky Maine.


  • Nancy Hathaway, Dark Sky Maine President, will welcome viewers and introduce the evening's lineup.

  • John Meader, Director of Northern Stars Planetarium, will present a tour of the spring skies featuring constellations, stars, and planets visible this spring.

  • Shawn Laatsch, Director of the Versant Power Astronomy Center at the University of Maine, will show a variety of spring deep sky objects through the online SLOOH robotic telescopes. These objects are typically visible using binoculars and small backyard telescopes.

  • Serena Sanborn, Maine Master Naturalist, will uncover the wonders of a class of nocturnal Maine animals: the fabulous amphibians. These wonderful critters are about to move to natal pools to mate and lay eggs; discover how to safely visit a vernal pool and watch the magic of amphibians this spring.

Join Us!

Register by email to to get the Zoom link and access.


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