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Several positions open for Town of Parsonsfield

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

The Town of Parsonsfield has several opportunities for people who are interested in serving their community.

Currently, the Town is seeking

  • Code Enforcement Officer

  • Secretary to the Planning & Appeals Board

  • Zoning Board of Appeals (plus Alternate)

  • M.S.A.D. #55 School Board Member

More details, and applications can be found on the Town of Parsonsfield website, or by emailing



"Just a special note about the open Planning Board Secretary position. This is an essential position for our community! If you would like to be involved in the preservation of our great town, and the future of what it will become, please consider volunteering. This position brings the greatest clarity and transparency of local town politics to our friends and neighbors; as Chair of the Planning Board, having a Secretary to coordinate and relay our actions is a TOP priority. It involves a few hours of work (which will be compensated) each month and provides and in depth view of current actions in the town. Audio/Visual experience would be a plus but not necessarily required.

Over the past two years, our board has been reinvigorated with new members. Along with applications of new businesses for our town. We have been reviewing and developing standard operating procedures and welcome diverse opinions and views. If interested but not sure, please either reach out to any of the Planning Board members (myself included) or attend our monthly meeting on December 18, 2018, at 7pm.

You can view the application on the Town website or call the Clerk's office directly." - Jp Espinosa, Planning Board Chair. or (207) 256-6212.


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