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Porter Selectboard Election in March, Letter to the Editor

Local Porter elections are just four weeks away! Feel free to reach out to the candidates running

to be a municipal officer and ask them questions about the qualifications, skills, and goals they

feel can really help out our Town!

Select Board members are the EXECUTIVE branch of government, the term is three (3) years, and the length of service by municipal officers in Porter has averaged twelve (12) years.

This type of community participation is always a good thing for communities.

Candidates believed to be on the ballot are John Lowry, Shane LaJoie, Patrick Batchelder, and David Lawnsby (only John, Patrick, and David have put out ads to-date, see below).

There's a lot of opportunities to have more efficient and effective local services, without having to add or continue cost-burdens on the backs of folks, particularly after a year-long pandemic shutdown by the State.

Raising taxes is easy, but maximizing the value of your dollar and being accountable is tough because it takes time, leadership, and maximum effort to:

  • Follow laws meant to protect the rights of property owners and residents (such as fair, even treatment of folks and transparency of meetings and decisions)

  • Supervise and manage staff to assure productivity and value are being achieved (delegation, office organization, and system updating)

  • Consistently perform assessor duties (studying laws, researching deeds, verifying accuracy)

  • Develop creative and innovative policies, contracts, and leases that are needed for long-term planning, risk management, and assuring efficient, prompt, and friendly services.

Filling the shoes of the august Rob Heard will certainly be no easy task that will take hard, time-

consuming, and thankless work, I wish them all the best next month!

Porter taxpayer-resident-voter

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Cristina Forsyth
Cristina Forsyth
Feb 22, 2021

It's awesome to have so many candidates to choose from!

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