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Porter artist to be featured in 11/2-3/18 farm to table 'Art Over Harvest Dinner'

Heather Newman, of Porter, will be one of seven artist who will be featured in the upcoming "Art Over Harvest Dinner" in Eaton, New Hampshire. Seven farms and seven artists were chosen to participate in an evening of what's being described as "Agriculturally Inspired Art and Food".

Natalie Beittel, a local farmer and artist, first noticed Heather's art on the walls at the Bonney Memorial Library.

Art at Bonney Memorial Library
Heather's Art can be seen on the walls of the Bonney Memorial Library.
"I saw Heather's Art at the Cornish Library and learned she and her husband own The Local Gear. I got excited about including a small, local business owner, and thought her art had a great air of whimsy and was a bit different. " Natalie

Heather considers herself an illustrator because her pieces often tell a story. Nature is a consistent theme as she is fascinated by plants and animals and the variety of what exists around the world. "I don't know if I've always known I was an artist, but I have loved stories and illustrations for as long as I can remember. I still enjoy visiting the children's section of the library to check out new picture books. Some of the most hilarious and poignant stories can be found here because of the partnership between the words and art. It's a truly unique medium and many of my favorite artists are also children's book illustrators."

Heather's art is available via her Etsy shop, at The Local Gear, and at the Cornish Apple Festival. You can also follow her on Facebook here.

Heather Newman Art
Visit Heather's Etsy shop for more

She also loves to research, and everything in Heather's art has a basis in fact, including the fantasy pieces. "It's fun to follow the rabbit trail when researching an idea - to see where that initial spark leads. I learn something new with every piece I create!"

Each of the 7 artists chosen for this farm to table art event has been assigned a farm, and has been working on pieces inspired by their assigned farm all summer.  The event, which Natalie is organizing in coordination with the owners of the Snowvillage Inn, Jen Kovach and Kevin Flynn, is culminating in a group show at the Snowvillage Inn in Eaton, NH and is followed by a farm to table dinner at Max's, where Natalie previously worked "I worked there as a waitress for 3+ years, so I knew they would be capable of hosting the event I had in mind."

Natalie and her husband have been running a small farm in Cornish for the past 4 years called Hosac Farm. Before that, they worked at a farm in South Conway, New Hampshire.  "We are part of a really nice small organic farming community here in Maine and New Hampshire, and as I am also an artist, I thought it would be really great to combine the two. "

We were fortunate to sneak a peek at some of Heather's work in progress via her Facebook page.

This is the first time for this event. There are 7 participating farms, 5 of the farms belong to a cooperative called the "Foothill Farm Alliance" which works together to offer a winter C.S.A. to about 100 members annually in Maine and New Hampshire.

Participating Artists

  • Dick Danis - photography

  • Melanie Levitt - oil

  • Heather Newman - drawing/mixed

  • Ashley Bullard - oil

  • Janet Gill - pastel

  • Kit Linnel - oil

  • Lynn Driscoll - watercolor

  • Natalie Beittel - oil/watercolor 

Participating Farms

  • Hancock Family Farm - Casco, ME

  • Old Wells Farm - Limington, ME

  • Patch Farm - Denmark, ME

  • Hosac Farm - Cornish, ME

  • Mountain Heartbeet Farm - Effingham, NH

  • Pork Hill Farm - Ossipee, NH

  • Earle Family Farm - South Conway, NH

The dinner will be family-style service with as much food as possible sourced from the participating farms. Reservations are required.  There will be two seatings:

  • Friday, November 2nd, at 6:15 pm

  • Saturday, November 3rd, at 6:15 pm

There will be receptions preceding dinner both nights from 4-6 pm which are free and open to the public. 

To make reservations call the Snowvillage Inn (603)447-2818


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