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Local business owner launches book about business and personal success

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Standish, Maine: Tower Publishing announces the book release 110 Philosophy™ on 1/10/20. The 110 Philosophy™ is a proven management methodology for business and personal success — an approach to life that will help you manage through all the challenges, and experience better relationships, more success, and be a better leader. 

“The 110 Philosophy™ provides a road map to create discipline and structure in life and work in order to get 110% out of every moment.” Luanne Cameron

The 110 Philosophy™ teaches

  • The value in keeping the end in sight as you live your life or build an organization/cooperation 

  • The value of being present! By turning each page, one by one, counting down to page one

  • The 110 Philosophy™ teaches a new way of thinking

Luanne Cameron is a cancer and a sexual abuse survivor. Despite these adversities, she has become a Business and Life Strategist. She is an entrepreneur, small business coach, author, and public speaker. Her goal is to teach people about the principles that have brought her success and to help others realize their own through her tried and true practices and techniques learned from her personal life challenges.

"I am simply trying to make this country a happier place for us ALL to live, play and work.  Sharing my personal story how I have navigated through living with a pedophile as a child, recently surviving breast cancer and remain happily married and incredibly happy! I have beaten all the odds against me." - Luanne Cameron

Luanne is best known for her veracious beliefs in her business philosophy of creating work environments that inspire and energize individuals in a team environment.


She opened her own State Farm insurance agency in Standish, Maine in 2011, after a successful corporate career.

Luanne’s professional vision is to share her experiences and best practices with others so that they can achieve more happiness and satisfaction in their careers and personal lives.


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