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Letter to the Editor: Rick Bennett Endorsement

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Dear Editor,

In my opinion, this election is a mandate on the way Mainers choose to be governed.  Western Maine, especially, is straining to maintain local control over its affairs in the face of increasing government centralization in Augusta. The influence and interests in the Maine Legislature of Maine’s urban districts such as Portland are vastly out-weighing our own interests here in the western region.  The current pandemic has further widened the gap between Maine citizens and its elected officials.  

That is why I am writing to endorse the candidacy of Rick Bennett for a seat in the Maine Senate representing Maine District 19.   Rick served this western Maine district before: 4 years the House and 8 years in the Senate.  During that time, he earned the admiration and respect from those on both sides of the aisle and was unanimously elected President of the Senate in 2000.  He has spent the last 8 years in the private business sector. For the past 18 years, Rick has served on the Board of Directors of GWI, a leading telecom and internet company based in Biddeford, where he has helped that business grow in a volatile market.  The company is now building miles of high-speed fiber direct to homes and businesses in western Maine. Electing such a candidate as Rick would ensure a significant advantage for our voices and interests in Augusta.

Rick Bennett has taken a firm and thoughtful stand on the issues facing us today.  He has always been an ardent supporter of government reform, including term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and the popular election of our state Attorney General, Secretary of State and Treasurer. He is a longtime member of the NRA and the Sportsmen’s Alliance of Maine and vigorously defends the 2nd amendment and advocates for Maine’s hunting traditions.  Rick opposes the CMP corridor through the heart of western Maine and is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the state and CMP for violating the law (drafted by Rick Bennett as a Representative legislator) that requires a 2/3 legislative vote for the lease of state lands.  As a fiscal conservative, Rick opposed all tax increases in his 12-year tenure, and intends on repeating this record in the next legislative session.  He believes that government must only do that which it can do well, in an efficient and cost effective manner.  He will lead the effort for a bottom-up review of all state spending.

Of particular interest to our immediate area, Rick, whose wife is a home health therapist, endorses health care solutions that are patient-centered over those interests of bureaucracy, insurance companies, and big Pharma.  He supports the “critical access” designation for Stephens Memorial, Bridgton Hospital and other such rural hospitals across our state. Rick favors prioritizing the needs of those with diseases and chronic conditions.  Our friends and neighbors, struggling with these issues, need more effective and affordable choices for long-term care.

Rick Bennett has spoken out about education, life and family, and the environment where he has always been protector of one of our greatest assets: our beautiful, natural Lakes Region.  He is a thoughtful and well-prepared candidate and is delighted to engage with you in discussing whatever is on your mind.  He can be reached at

I urge you to mark your ballot for Rick Bennett for Maine Senate.  Thank you.


Honorable Phyllis A. Ginzler


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