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July 3-5 Operation Dry Water

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Alcohol is the leading contributing factor in recreational boating deaths and a major factor in critical incidents on the water.*

That's why the Maine Warden Service and outreach partners are teaming up for Operation Dry Water, a national awareness and enforcement campaign focused on educating boaters about boating under the influence and safe boating practices.

Game wardens will have an increased presence on Maine's waterways during Operation Dry Water 2020, July 3- 5, to help reduce the number of alcohol and drug-related incidents and fatalities and foster a stronger, more visible deterrent to alcohol and drug use on the water.

Think twice before you or a passenger drinks and boats:

  • Boating under the influence (BUI) is illegal. Operating a recreational vessel with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher is against Maine law.

  • Alcohol use is dangerous for passengers too. Intoxicated passengers can easily slip, fall overboard, or suffer other life-threatening incidents.

  • Boating under the influence applies to drugs, as well as alcohol. Even some prescription medications can make operating a recreational vessel unsafe. Check with your doctor about the effects of any medications you may be taking.

  • Sun, wind, noise, vibration, and rocking of the boat are all "stressors" common to the boating environment. These stressors intensify the effects of alcohol, drugs, and some medications.

We hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!

* Source: U.S. Coast Guard Recreational Boating Statistics 2018


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