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Endorsing Rick Bennett: A Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I met Rick Bennett nearly 20 years ago when he served in the Maine senate. As the president of the Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce at the time, I served on the steering committee to “Fix 26” with Rick. The committee’s mission was to work with all the towns that were affected by the reconstruction of route 26 from Norway to Gray. The state highway department had recommended several alternatives to the plan for the people of each town to consider and Rick was always at the meetings to help each town to choose the construction plan that would best serve them. Rick was very easy to work with and he “listened” to what folks had to say, just as he does today. As soon as I learned that Rick was running for senate this time, there was no hesitation on my part to work to get Rick elected. Rick is the only right choice for senate from this district. That is why he has the full support of the Lake Region Republican Coalition.

Al Fitzmorris Chairman


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