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A Letter from Cornish United Church of Christ

At Cornish United Church of Christ, which has been a tourist attraction since 1843 because of its beautiful steeple, there have been many repairs over the years. In 2019 we had a complete evaluation done by an engineer and received a 37 page report explaining what needs to be done, a complete restoration.

In November 2020 the estimated figure was $153,000. We are going to make an effort to raise $250,000 by September of 2022. The reason for setting this higher goal is because of the inflated prices of building materials since 2019.

We know this will not be easy.

It was suggested that maybe if we could just get $1.00 for each person willing to help, that figure would be amazing by itself. The first part of the goal is to get $60,000 for a matching grant from the State Grant Fund. We will keep the Faith and see what the Good Lord allows us to receive.

If you wish to donate, or would like more information, our address is: Cornish United Church of Christ, P.O. Box 235, Cornish, ME 04020

Please mark donations for Church Steeple Fund

In Faith,

Fundraising Chair, Merle Googins


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