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9/23 Will Woodson and Caitlin Finley at Denmark Arts Center

Will Woodson (flute, uilleann pipes) and Caitlin Finley (fiddle) play sparky and driving traditional Irish music that’s grounded in the textures and rhythms of the rich Irish American soundscape of the 1920s and 30s.

With roots in the living Irish musical cultures of Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia, and a tremendous admiration for the first generation of recorded Irish musicians, the duo conjures up the sounds of the dance halls, vaudeville theaters, and house sessions central to Irish American music from the first half of the twentieth century.

Their 2019 debut album, The Glory Reel, recorded with the brilliant Chris “Junior” Stevens on piano and button accordion, is full of swing, lift, and exuberance, drawing largely upon the repertoires of North Connacht and Ulster, regions that have had a significant impact upon the style and repertoire of the duo. The flute playing of John McKenna, the piping of Michael Carney and Patsy Touhey, and, of course, the foundational 78s of Coleman, Killoran, and Morrison are all at play here; a diverse set of influences that are channeled by the duo into punchy, powerful, and joyous music. Thank you to the Onion Foundation for supporting live music for the Denmark Community and Denmark Arts Center.

HEPA air purifier systems and ventilation will be engaged for indoor performances. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online at

Source: Denmark Arts Center


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