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5/25/1 Antebellum Politics in Bridgton, 1830-65 Through the Eyes of Edwin Peabody Fitch & Others

Edwin Peabody Fitch, who was born in 1840, grew up on the Peabody-Fitch farm, BHS's own Narramissic, and left behind a memoire telling the story of his childhood in South Bridgton.

Mike Davis of the Bridgton Historical Society will focus on the social and political issues of the day, as seen through Edwin's and other community members' eyes during a special presentation:

Antebellum Politics in Bridgton, 1830-1865 Through the Eyes of Edwin Peabody Fitch and Others
Saturday, May 25, 2:00 pm, at the Gibbs Avenue Museum.

Edwin's Civil War diaries tell the story of his two enlistments, including accounts of army life, marching drills, and canteen raids, told alongside his reaction to the Battle of Bull Run, his capture by the Confederates, and life in the Belle Isle POW camp.

His memoirs and Civil War diary have been published as Ninety Years of Living, so for $9.00 you can bring them home and read them for yourself.

There's no charge for this program, but donations are always welcome!

From the Bridgton Historical Society


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