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Four Corners Store is open!

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Time for some good news!

Four Corners Store opened a couple of months ago and we were asleep at the switch in the quarantine.

Four Corners Store has reopened under the new ownership of Charlie Allen. Some of you may know him - he is the nephew of Howard Allen, and like Howie, he also has a band.

The Store has been freshly cleaned and painted.

The Store continues to offer staples, such as milk, eggs, soda (no beer yet), non-perishable grocery items, sliced pizza, breakfast sandwiches, baked goods that sell out early, and coffee, and more. Deli items include delicious potato salad (taste-tested!). Staff will cook hamburgers $3.50, cheeseburgers $4.50, hot dogs $2.00 or 2 for $3.50. The menu is still fluid, so ask.

Hours are from 8 am to 6 pm. Charlie was not at the store when we visited, so we are not sure of weekend hours. 207-625-3838


Welcome back, Four Corners Store! Drop-in and see the changes!

By Sally Williams


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