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Chronicles of Coronavirus project

2020 began as a great celebration of the Maine State Bicentennial but quickly reversed into lock-down and cancellations of group gatherings due to COVID-19. Hiram Historical Society is dedicated to collecting, preserving and promoting the history of Hiram. This mission includes the recent history of Hiram, which, sooner than we think, becomes history of the past.  Hiram Historical Society is prepared to collect your stories and images of 2020 in Hiram. Please share them with us. Don't know what to share? The Town of Hiram conducting business from a window would be a great photo to keep for the ages. The opening of Four Corners Store is a hopeful counter to shops closing.  Lines of people waiting for entry to shop at Calls or other shops would be welcome photos. The 5 ticket system at Cornish Hardware will be a good reminder in years to come. You will have other ideas and photos to share. We welcome your stories and photos and thank you for contributing. Send your photos and stories to or PO Box105, Hiram, ME 04041 You will be glad you did, Sally Williams, Hiram Historical Society


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