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Unauthorized Drone Surveillance - Protecting Maine’s Children and Teens

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Legislative Council to decide Thursday whether bill can be considered this session

STATEHOUSE - Representative John Andrews (R-Paris) has introduced an after deadline bill, “An Act to Protect Maine Children and Teens from Unauthorized Drone Surveillance.” The legislation seeks to create state law that would prevent unauthorized drone spying on a person in their domicile where they have an expectation of privacy.

“We need to address this now and protect our youth and citizens,” said Rep. Andrews.

Unauthorized surveillance, of minors, in particular, is currently happening, with the potential to escalate if nothing is done to fix it. I am asking the Legislative Council to allow this proposal through so that the Legislature can address the problem created by the absence of laws protecting children and teens. We must act to create a new area of law that allows the police to protect vulnerable citizens.”

The proposed legislation would establish harsher penalties for those convicted of surveilling underage children. Currently, no law exists to protect the privacy Maine people expect in their homes and residences.

Whether or not the bill will be considered this session will be discussed by the Democrat-controlled Legislative Council this Thursday, February 27, 2020, at 1:30 p.m. The Council will likely vote on whether it qualifies as an emergency, as required by the Maine Constitution, allowing it to be considered by the legislature this session.

The proposal has broad bipartisan support and would provide a means for Maine law to catch up with new technology.

Representative John Andrews is serving his first term in the Maine legislature representing District 73. The district includes the towns of Buckfield, Hebron, and Paris.


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