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Cristina Forsyth

Owner of local marketing and small business growth company, Bustle & Grow, Cristina is passionate about helping small businesses grow. 

A Porter resident, she was raised in Limerick and has made it her mission to help her community. She also heads Sacopee Valley Professional Networking, is the current President of Cornish Area Businesses, and sits on the board of the Sanford-Springvale Chamber of Commerce.


"I've always believed that my purpose in life is to help people. By helping small businesses succeed, I can help people to help themselves while also enriching our local economy." - Cristina 

Knowing there was a need for a local online news source, Cristina utilized her experience working at an award-winning news site (, as well as her resources as a marketing company to develop Sacopee Valley Community News, Etc. 

She is always happy to hear your comments, ideas, and requests. Drop her a line at

Recent columns by Cristina:
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